27 March 2008

trucky trucky

by Cecily
So, a year ago I bought a truck. Then I painted it.

blue pickup with swirly designs

Then, I was sorry that I had chosen Sharpie Oil-based Paint Markers as my weapon of choice, because they faded to white in no time at all.

blue pickup with all white swirly designs

However, due to the fact that I am extremely lazy busy, I left it with the boring white lines for a long time.

Then, I bought new weatherproof lightfast markers. Then, Big Bear had an easter party. It was so wonderful. There were little children and challah loaves with colorful eggs baked in and lots of glasses of wine.

So, it being a very heartwarming neighborhood environment, I told all the little children they could help me draw on my truck. Also I told all the drunken adults they could also help me draw on my truck.

Me: I really like this as a neighborhood activity! It's fun!

Lana: Yeah and it's a good activity for when your're drunk, 'cause you're even better at drawing the swirly things!

I'm not completely convinced that she's right about that, but my truck looks really great again.

various neighbors drawing on truck

and everyone had a really great time.

blonde 3-year-old in pigtails drawing on the roof of the cab

truck from the rear, with the pigtailed blonde grinning out the window

driver's side door with swirly designs and a 3-year-old driver


  1. Aida is going to be bummed she missed out on THIS activity!

  2. I'm willing to stage a repeat performance. Will keep you posted!