03 April 2008

5 weeks out

by Cecily
to the semester's end seems like very not enough.

Tomorrow morning (Friday) is my big scary Oral Comprehensive Exam. I halfway expect my nice supportive friendly professors to suddenly have sharp teeth and big eyebrows and general Viola Swamp demeanors.

Assuming they don't (well, even if they do, really), then I will be drinking beer with Lindsay (and you if you would like to come) in the afternoon. And possibly the evening. Maybe even the nighttime!

Then: Back to work, you lazy girl!

I have to finish getting my act together for my impending-with-the-speed-of-doom trip to Rwanda. May 5, we leave. Ask me if I'm ready. No wait, don't ask me that. Ask me anything else! If it's about Phonology or Optimality Theory or Generative Syntax or Narrative Discourse Analysis, I will be all practiced up for answering you so go right ahead.

Plus, you know. Homework. Homework abounds.

And most distractingly of all is my Science Birthday Party which will be on April 12 and which is destined to be the best one yet. That's why I have to keep ordering scientific things from the bathtub; I'm multitasking! Who knows where I can get a helium tank?

I'll take a deep breath one of these days and then maybe I'll have something slightly more coherent to say.

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