11 April 2008


by Cecily
Okay guys I have good news and bad news for you.

The good news is, the sea monkeys hatched! I can totally see them swimming frantically in little spirals through the magnification part of their little plastic jail. They are UBER scientific. I haven't named them yet because I can't quite figure out how many there are but that is bound to be a fun party activity.

Lindsay gave me sea monkeys for doing a good job on my Oral Comprehensive Exam last week. Sea monkeys and two cases of beer. Lindsay's my main squeeze.

Okay, but, the bad news, well, it's bad. Sit down and take a deep breath.

The beakers and ultraviolet markers I had on order might not make it to the party.

Don't cry! They MIGHT make it! We have to talk to some UPS people. Because the box is in DC, somewhere, it just isn't scheduled to be delivered to my house until Monday. Monday! Monday is too late. Anyway I haven't given up. I'll do some problem solving tomorrow when there are hearing people around to fob off the phone calling onto.

In other science-related news, we are starting to have big piles of science laying around all the time. Microscopes and goggles and lab suits and aprons and glow in the dark floam and whatnot. I heard a rumor today that one party guest may be bringing a real live geiger counter. He'll be the guest of honor!

Also I bought diet coke and mentos and borax and baking soda and cornstarch. All staple necessities. We're so ready.

Anyway, everyone should keep their chin up for the sake of the sea monkeys who will probably DIE if anyone is upset about any of the other stuff. They have fragile egos, those little guys, or so I hear.


completely unrelated to science: I'm going to Rwanda in May. Lindsay and I'll be gone the 5th-29th. Let us know if you need anything from there.



  1. Congratulations. Cigars for everyone, though the Sea Monkeys have trouble keeping 'em lit.

  2. Cecily! Thank you for the party. It was fun and informative.
    -- Katie

    P.S. Say hi to Dr. Bohr for me

  3. Can't believe I missed it... Happy Birthday Cecily!