12 July 2008


by Cecily
I'm very into spreading joy and happiness wherever I go, so I usually let people borrow my truck if they ask me nicely.

So, so far this summer, there've been a lot of opportunities for truck-borrowing. Besides the normal opportunities of a chore that requires a truck (like needing to take your motorcycle to the mechanic, or needing to pick up a couch in Baltimore), or just laziness and whimsy, I've also gone away for a number of extended periods and left the truck to the tender care of others. First I went to Africa, then I went to Minnesota, then I went to Connecticut, and then last week I was babysitting for friends in Maryland all week. Soon I'm going to New York, and then Montana, so opportunities continue. Send in your application now!

My favorite part about lending out my truck is that I inevitably get a lot of emails and text messages, regarding its whereabouts, from people who have seen it around town in places they did not expect me to be. "Hey Cecily! Are you back from Rwanda? I saw your truck on 13th and Florida yesterday!" and "hey I thought you were out of town but I just saw your truck parked on 14th, do you want to get a beer tonight?"

Last weekend, while I was asleep, exhausted by a bunch of cranky children, I got a series of text messages from Sean. He was walking along and he saw my truck! It was parked near a house with an obvious party! I must be there! He went inside to see what I was up to! But he couldn't find me! Okay he was giving up and going home!

A different friend had borrowed the truck and someone on their block had a party that night. I like the idea that I am encouraging new social connections, and that people are wandering in to parties off the street cause they think I'm in there somewhere, wandering in and wandering around and meeting lots of fun new friends. Plus also this proves that my truck can never be successfully stolen: I would get hourly reports about its location and be able to track it down in no time.

On the other hand, as Alyssa pointed out, it also means I can never have any secret affair or shady business dealings. That's probably okay though because I really am not subtle enough for that kind of thing anyway.

Form over function!


  1. You should mention that the reason we see your truck everywhere is that it is painted in a way that identifies it 100% as yours. If you just had a plain old blue truck then I would be much less likely to traipse through a random party looking for you based on a supposed truck-spotting. :)

  2. well I linked to a picture of it! I am scared that people will mock me for my non stop talk about my truck and how it is the most beautiful truck in the whole wide world. What a great truck!

    Yes: it is painted with a lot of swirly designs all over it. It is hard to miss.

  3. And it inspired Aida to ask why we can't color our car too!

  4. That's a pretty good question Kristin. Why CAN'T you color your car too?

  5. Yeah, I didn't have a solid reason for her so I distracted her by saying she should delivery more copies of the Declaration of Independence to the neighbors. It worked, for now.