01 July 2008

Get me out of town is what fireball said

by Cecily
Yeah yeah I'm back in DC. Too too much of coming and going, these days. I'm more or less back for good now. Back for most of the next month anyway. I think.

Connecticut was fine. The conference was fine. And I learned all about a brand new way to make terrible puns, this time in ASL, so people who are likely to have classes with me in the fall should start preparing themselves now. Stay tuned for more exciting discussion of THAT awesome topic.

Anyway I have lots of relatives to visit and Lindsays to bid farewell to and crossword puzzles to stare at and beverages to drink. See you!


  1. Aida asked me if you had fun playing with George.

  2. I LOVE YOU CECILY!! (b/c you're pretty and smart and really really funny)

  3. Awww. I love YOU! WHERE'S MY JOG VLOG?

    Tell Aida we didn't actually see George but we did admire (muchly!) his choices in interior paint colors. All those greeny bluey rooms are gorgeous!