28 June 2008

Funny to certain people, maybe

by Cecily
here's the original one:
(confidential to Emily: non-linguistics entries will be appearing soon. Mail me a present!)

I drew a cartoon in Introduction to Syntax two years ago that cracked me up so I immediately interrupted the lecture to show everyone. Luckily Debbie is very polite and (I think) generally amused by my antics. I think.

Anyway then I gave the cartoon to her (Deb) as a reward for putting up with me and kind of forgot about it. Until I wanted an example of linguistics terminology that sounds like baked goods*. But the scanner in the linguistics department is acting up, plus also I am in Connecticut so I just redrew it today instead of learning about constraints on numeral incorporation.


Maybe later I'll track down the original and scan it for real and we can all compare whether or not I remembered the joke right. And if you're very very good, I might explain it all to you one day, when we're sitting at a bar and our glasses are full and you have no real choice but to learn all about it.**

*and now these two posts link to each other, recursively and infinitely and over and over again. Luckily, my hilarious linguistics jokes never grow old or tiresome at all. So we can all live happily ever after. The end.

**or, Wikipedia! will tell you. Really though I recommend me and beer.