26 June 2008

"This conference should be more accessible" she said definitively

by Cecily
Hi! I'm in Connecticut!

I'm at a conference about sign language linguistics. Specifically phonology: my favorite! So far so good except that for a conference about sign language linguistics, this conference is surprisingly non-deaf-friendly. People keep coming up to me and talking, and then acting really surprised when I tell them I'm deaf. Or announcing to Julie "it's okay, I'm hearing, you can just talk."

"Yes, but I am deaf" said Julie resignedly.

Re SIGN ed ly! HAHAHAHAHA. 'Cause who expects you to SIGN at a conference about sign languages? It's funny because it's not true!

We probably are just spoiled by how politically aware and sensitive and smart and fantastic our professors all are. (Hi guys! I get an A for attitude, right?)


  1. well, at least they are providing you with good material.

  2. yeah me and Julie are concocting a conference for us to have at Gallaudet. And how to force people to do our bidding. Kristin we totally know where you live!

    here the schedule includes:
    presentations about sign languages: 30
    presentations given in a sign language: 4

  3. using sign language at a sign language linguistics conference. silly girls, of course not. why would any one expect anyone to actually USE sign language at such an event. that would be like going to germany and thinking people spoke german there. duh! no one speaks german in germany.