22 June 2008

Three hundred sixty-five degrees

by Cecily
Yesterday I heroically spent hours and hours working on my work while everyone else lazed about by the pool and did crossword puzzles. And I didn't even complain about it barely at all, that is how dedicated and stoic and brave I am.

Then I was bored of doing work so I brought beer over to Lana's house and helped with the crossword.

Everyone else was worn out from their exhausting day at the pool and we had a long time to kill before our evening plans started. There was some discussion about just showing up at the party three hours early, but we were afraid that if we did, the hosts wouldn't be our friends any more.

So instead, some people took a nap, and Lana and I made a witch. Lana did internet research about it and everything. Apparently in Denmark, on the summer solstice, you burn a witch in a bonfire to protect the country from witches, trolls, and general evil.

people holding stick-and-straw witch

Since we were going to a solstice party we thought we'd better bring a witch with us to burn. We were not sure if burning a witch in Washington DC would protect Washington DC or if it would still just protect Denmark, but decided either'd be fine. We put the witch in the back of the truck with Ben and Lana and headed for U Street.

Sadly, though, the party-throwers suddenly developed all this prudence and good judgement and refused to allow us to light anything on fire. Thanks a lot guys! Now Denmark and/or DC remain unprotected against trolls.

witch made out of sticks and paper propped up on a mantel

All in all it was a pretty great night.

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