12 June 2008

"I dream that one day I will measure the width of orange soda" ...

by Cecily
... he fantasized.

See, I told you. SO worth the wait.


All right, on to the actual blogging: I bring you a story from the olden days of last month when I used to be in Africa and did not have any sinus infections. To be precise, May 28, 2008. This story is called

Fanta Party Redux!

The party this time around was much more sedate than the last one, which was Out Of Control. It was kind of a let down. I was all ramped up for being mobbed by children and drenched in shaken soda and whatnot. I mean, that all happened, just not to the extent I was expecting.

I did get a sunburn though.

And a present!

Cecily kneeling by a small child and opening a present

Before that, the fanta-getting itself was also not without hitches. We wanted 2 cases of Fanta Orange, 2 cases of Fanta Citron, and 1 case each of Sprite and Coke.

But the Fanta sellers were out of Fanta Orange and also they were out of Sprite. So we ended up buying half and half of Coke and Citron (plus we had another case, mostly Citron, left in the kitchen at home). We also stopped at La Gallette (for other things) but they didn't have any Fanta Orange there either. It was a dry market for Fanta Orange! Which of course ended up being what everyone requested.

little children in school uniforms drinking Fanta

We took all our caffeinated American tooth-rotting beverages to the school and handed them out to everyone. Also we handed out many t-shirts with this

white on green silkscreen; a handprint is in the middle with amarenga above adn y'ikinyarwanda below

printed on the front. It says "Rwandan Sign Language" in Kinyarwanda.

medium-sized children in AKR t-shirts waving at the camera

I dream that one day I will add some more pictures of the actual party to this post, but Lindsay's off in France hobnobbing with phonologists and kissing her fiance and drinking wine and eating cheese. PROBABLY all at the same time. So since she's the one who took all the photographs at the party, my dream will have to wait until later now.

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