09 June 2008

Big M State #2: status report

by Cecily
St Paul is pretty fun and nice. It's been sort of rainy and cool here and I didn't really pack appropriately for the weather, which is a lovely change from the Swamp of Terrible that I left in DC (and that I expected to find here, too, really). I suspect that this is all Al Gore's doing: whoever heard of June being 65 and overcast in this place? Not me. Also not the mosquitos, apparently, because they are far more brazen and persistent than those wimpy mosquitos in Rwanda ever were, cold weather be damned.

show on Saturday was fantastic. Something like 700 people came to it and all the ladies in the audience swooned at the handsomeness and talent and overall likeability of all the band. Gentlemen swooned, too, in fact. Swoons all around!

Then yesterday we had a barbeque and ate lots of meat and chips and drank beers and laughed at the baby, who is 2 and has blindingly red curly hair all of a sudden and is the life of every party.

And now, I have a cold, or something, and everyone else has jobs and is too busy doing them to play with me. So I plan to sit on the couch and watch movies all day. I probably have to make more coffee though, I think the machine's empty.

My life is extremely demanding, I know, but it really doesn't help when you get all emotional and teary-eyed about it. Just keep on keepin on guys, and don't worry about me. I'll get the coffee made one way or another. I'm a real trouper like that.


  1. This is my thought process when I saw the title of your blog:
    "Minn is the 2nd largest M state? Nah, Cecily's wrong. Mich has got TWO bodies, so it must be bigger than puny Minn."
    So I went here:

    It proved that once more Cecily, you're right & I'm wrong. I bow to you.

  2. I wasn't even thinking about size particularly*. I was thinking more along the lines of chronology and overall importance in my life. Montana will always be [__] State #1 to me.

    *Although if you had asked me, I would have known it was bigger, too. We're very proud of our Fourth Largest State in the Union status, up there.