21 October 2008

The banana confuses happily.

by Cecily
More awesome from China: menu items sighted by my mama.

  • The curry beef/chicken braises the Italian surface

  • Pushes Pisa newly

  • Cherishes one's relatives the intestines

  • West the Buddhist ritual procedures black angel digs up the beefsteak to match orchid shelled fresh shrimp

  • And for dessert:

  • The banana confuses happily

    1. hahaha i bet brayde has some good ones as well-- they are babblefish masters over there!! :)

    2. Asian languages poorly translated to English are the best! My only disappointment about traveling over there was the lack of t-shirts with such phrases on them. We found some, but I thought they would be everywhere.

    3. from back in my china days: there was an old toothless woman who walked around this little backpackers mecca in southern china (yangshuo, near guilin) for, apparently, years with a basket of bananas on her arm, saying 'hello banana?' over and over.
      there are thousands of people out there with t-shirts that say just that, 'hello, banana'