20 October 2008

family update: Africa/Wild West edition

by Cecily
So before when I told you my dad and stepmom were moving to Bangladesh, I spoke rashly and before all the cards were on the table. Or whatever the saying is. Anyway they didn't go to Bangladesh; instead they went to Mozambique. Where the streets, rather than having no names, have some pretty awesome names. From my dad:

The street is Pereira da Lago (which is probably mispelled), presumably somebody's name. To get downtown, one goes a couple of blocks left, turns right on Kim Il Sung, left on Mao Tse Tung, and then left on Kenneth Kaunda, and finally right on Julius Nyerere, which one follows past Robert Mugabe Place on Avenida 25 September.

In other news, the apocalypse has apparently come to Montana: that place is full of stowstorms

and has somehow magically turned into a swing state. Wacky.

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