06 January 2009

Attontion! crazy Germans!

by Cecily
my stepdaddy took this picture in a hotel in... somewhere in China.

a sign on a door with Chinese characters followed by semi-English ATTONTION if you want to take a bath, must be with normalaze open/close the door. Thank you!

Elizabeth, my resident neighborhood expert on Sino-Parental Affairs, says that the Chinese part actually tells you to be clothed when you have the door open.

She adds "probably because of all the naked German tourists", but I think this was commentary and not actually included in the text*.

*Do we call characters "text"? Or does "text" only mean alphabet-style phone-based writing? I should probably learn the answers to these pressing questions.


  1. so i think that 'text' is ok for Chinese characters. . . i think. . .