19 January 2009

Holy Moses!

by Cecily
Last night my neighbor friend hosted a Burning Bush party.

people standing around a backyard bonfire

We all watched Bruce and Pete on the big tv and got teary eyed and patriotic, and then yelled while we put things on the fire, and then had a dance party.

backyard crowed with Mission Accompished banner on a wooden fence

I contributed a Bush to burn.

woman and man flanking papier-mache GWBush head on a stick

Yay! America! Woo! Fire!

fire in a firepit, people in the background

photos by Holly, as usual.


  1. That was catharsis one. today was catharsis two. :-)

  2. I thought they didn't like setting things on fire-- or was this a different house to the witch burning party?

  3. It was indeed a different house. And, to be fair to the non-witch-burners, those guys did not advertise the party as having anything to do with fire. That was all Lana's idea.

    Greg, on the other hand, PLANNED to burn things, and told people to bring effigies, and had a fire pit and a bucket of water all ready in case of disaster.