26 September 2009

A Celebration of Special-Ness

by Cecily
As I was leaving campus last week after teaching at College-That-Is-Past-Damascus, I was stuck on Main Street for half an hour because there was a parade.

I don't know what the parade was for. It wasn't a holiday. I was pretty close to it all, so I could see what the parade consisted of, and what it consisted of wasn't informative. What it consisted of was marching bands, walking people with glowy necklaces, pickups with people in the beds, and various emergency vehicles with their fancy lights all flashing.

I sat there smiling at them all and feeling alternately gleeful and guilt-ridden. Because all I could think about was True Stories and how much I love David Byrne.


I have something to say about this. But I've forgotten what it is. I have it written down at home though.


  1. there is a difference between american and european cities.

  2. You know, things that never had names before are now easily described. Makes conversation easier!