05 October 2009

The Best Health Care in the World: multiple choice quiz

by Cecily
1. Today I went to the doctor for symptoms including intermittent fever. Without being reminded, the highly-trained medical staff remembered to do which 2 of the following 3 things?
a. take my blood pressure
b. weigh me
c. take my temperature

2. I have been exhibiting flu-like symptoms. There is a flu pandemic, and it is Normal Non-pandemic Flu Season. I do not have white spots on my throat, and I do have a cough. Which of the following tests was I given? (pick one)
a. Strep
b. seasonal flu
c. H1N1

3. After it had been determined that I do not have strep throat, which astute follow-up question was I asked?
a. Can you hear?
b. Can you read lips?
c. Have you seen a doctor about hearing loss?
d. all of the above

There is no answer sheet. The answer is screaming.


  1. rme, yeah, went to a doctor a few years back and after asking me a battery of questions and leaving the room, he came back and then starting asking me about my ears...totally unrelated! Blah.

  2. 1. d (roll fresh paper onto the exam table) and e (make a rude gesture with their hands)

    2. 10 (Which Pride and Prejudice character are you most like) BTW got your results back on that one… Mr. Darcy. Yeah, that's inconclusive.

    3. purple (You come here often?)

  3. Well, I think I mentioned that a different doctor's first question in the intake interview was "So, how long have you been deaf and dumb?"

    Yay first world medical training!