20 March 2006

home improvement

by Cecily
You will be happy and relieved to know that my drill-buying errand last week was a success. But you will be saddened to learn that I did not buy any little plastic anchor items, so the art is still piled up in a disorganized way. Soon I will go to the hardware store for the anchors, but I will not be going back to Home Depot, because I hate it there.

I only hate the one by my house. All the other ones I've been to have been reasonably okay. I bought the stuff I needed and the staff were helpful with, if baffled by, my requests. I think last time was to buy a bunch of 4' x 18" sauna tubes, because I needed them to build some castles for an elementary school play. And one time before that was to buy a lot of dryer tubing to string up over Christmas lights and decorate for a big party.

Anyway, I digress. The Home Depot here is dark and understaffed and the staff who are there are really cranky and I was just buying a drill! Not even anything weird! So next time I will be going to a friendly neighborhood hardware store that is not owned by evil corporate overlords.

P. S. My trip to New York was fun. I didn't drink any green beer, but I did drink some regular beer-colored beer, and it was delicious.

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