11 March 2006


by Cecily
I'm on spring break. And, as it turns out, the Constitution Gods are on spring break too- yesterday and today it is 70 degrees around here. I accidentally thought it was still March when I went outside so I wore my jacket, and boy was I ever sorry. Sorry and hot.

So I took my jacket off and carried it. Because I am a very resourceful girl.

Now that it is Spring Break, I have all kinds of business to attend to. Today, for example, I need to buy coffee and a drill. The coffee is because we are out of coffee, because I drank it all. The drill is because we still have thousands of boxes of art that we can't put on our walls without a drill. All the walls are very fragile and unpredictable plaster from 1920, so we have to buy those little anchors and whatnot, and then drill holes to put nails in.

I am not very excited about this, because I prefer the method of hanging things on the wall that involves me balancing precariously with one foot on the windowsill and the other foot on the bookshelf, and some nails in my mouth, trying to nail and align the art and not crash to the floor, all at the same time. This drill-and-plastic-anchor thing seems like it requires way too much forethought and planning: not my strong points.

Otherwise I will be doing a lot of homework.


Plus also I am going to New York.

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