16 March 2006

I'm a travelling man

by Cecily
I'm going to New York today on the Chinatown bus. I love the Chinatown bus. The one I'm taking doesn't actually go to any Chinatowns; in Washington DC it runs from McPherson Square and it goes to Penn Station in New York. But whatever. I still love it.

In New York I will be thinking about how I should be doing my homework, and instead wandering around looking at things. Plus also tomorrow I will be wearing some green clothes and drinking some (hopefully) green beer.

My spring break has been very productive so far, so I feel confident that when I spend the weekend not doing anything, it won't cause me to flunk out of grad school. Or if not "confident" then "hopeful." Here's what I did so far:
1 midterm
1 trip to the bank
1 data collection plan
1 trip to the library
2 syntax homeworks
4 paintings
5 pots of coffee
6 beers
8 million pages of reading.

So as you can see, I TOTALLY deserve a trip to New York. We are not discussing the things I still have left to do because right now it is time to focus on my trip to New York. On the Chinatown bus.

Bye! See you next week!

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