27 August 2006

too much fun

by Cecily
I have been doing all sorts of exciting things lately, so I haven't been very motivated to type things on the internet.

One of the exciting things I've been doing a lot of is drinking beer with my attractive and intelligent friends.

Lindsay, Julie, and Cecily on the way home

Another thing I have been doing is making lots of skirts to wear. And painting some pictures, and playing fetch with my cat.

My uncle taught my cat to play fetch this summer. It is hilarious and adorable.

I spent a lot of time while I was in Montana looking for videos of "The State" to beg, buy or steal. I couldn't find any! I have a couple of very old tapes but I want more, and there are none to be had. I looked on eBay and everything. No one could help me.

Except YouTube! I love YouTube.

They are not captioned but I don't even care since I have them all memorized anyway.

If anyone has any more videos of The State please share them with me!

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