15 December 2008

are you tired of adorable babies yet?

by Cecily
I linked to this before in a comment, but now Lindsay captioned it for me. The best part is at 3:00 where the baby fakes utter dejection, on behalf of David.

Thanks Lindsay!

p. s. if anyone knows lots of stuff about captioning/subtitles, formatting, and .srt files, please email me.


  1. OK, so the captioning is hilarious!!!! Lindsay, thank you for your most perfect interpretation! :-)

  2. she really is saying "apple" (there's one in the picture there) but I don't think "house" is right. That picture is of a splashy bath. She's super good at NO though.

    my favorite is the Emphatic Babytalk. It's true, Fletcher is very emphatic, even when she's totally incomprehensible.

  3. yeah, next time you should make sure the book is in view-- to give me hints! ;) lol

  4. For extra credit, do a narrow phonetic transcription using the 2005 IPA revisions and the 1997 ExtIPA diacritics where needed.