12 December 2008

where you are at?

by Cecily
All over!

Here's what Google Analytics says about who looked at this blog on a recent day:

There's a big splotchy dot for Constitution City, obviously, obscuring the rest of the east coast. Then we got some M state action up there and a nice scatter down the west coast. Plus hi Texas! I never knew I had so many imaginary friends in Texas. Hook em, or whatever it is you crazy kids say down there.

Half the international visits are boring and predictable, and the other half are totally inexplicable to me. There's my dad in Mozambique, and Lindsay in Sydney, and Jim at his conference in Manila, and my mama in Beijing. But who are all these people in Utrecht? And Jerusalem? And Brisbane?

Anyway. Presumably I'll think of something else interesting to talk about soon, now that the semester is over and I've recovered from all the ensuing whiskey consumption. So, you know. Stay tuned for that.

See you.


  1. Oh my! I don't know whether to be excited or nervous about this. But okay I will check!

    Hey rumor has it you'll be in Montana during the holidays and that old Heebie and me might be able to rendezvous sometime. What say you?

  2. i would suspect that brisbane is a lyttleton. . .

  3. Regrettably, I will not be in MT this holiday season. I would like to get together with you though to discuss the merits and demerits of the various Missoula high schools.

    I'm back on the mainland Thursday, but it's probably not easy to set anything up before you have to leave (if indeed you haven't already left). After the first of the year, then?

  4. I leave on the 21st and return on the 29th.