16 April 2006

"Jesus is alive, and Cecily is 27!"

by Cecily
This is what Emily said in an email this morning. And it is all true. Especially the part about being 27.

My science party was very fun. And scientific. Everyone complained a lot when I made up a Science Exam, but in the end it was my favorite part. That and watching people drink beer through long scientific tubes.

Now that it is my birthday, I wish I had done more homework yesterday instead of making up party activities. Because I have to email a project to a professor TODAY. On my BIRTHDAY. On EASTER SUNDAY! This Linguistics School is hard core!

I ate cake and ice cream for breakfast, after I woke up at noon. So I guess I better get on the ball here pretty quick. But for now I am still wandering around the house in my cowboy pajamas, petting my cat and drinking coffee. Mmmm, coffee. Time for a refill.

1 comment:

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! and happy easter!! :)

    lette, somewhatsilent