29 April 2006


by Cecily
I'm waiting for some water to boil (for coffee) and for some paint to dry (to put more paint on it) and for a baby to be born (not mine).

I can only be productive for so long, it turns out. Then my body and my mind together decide that it is time for recess. At which point I wander around the house, make coffee, eat food, stare out the window, and wait for things. I blame television for my short attention span, and elementary school for the idea that if I do my work at my desk without bothering anyone then I will get a snack. This kind of conditioning is hard to overcome.

I've been waiting for the baby for a pretty long time. He was due last week on Friday, and his mama's been in the hospital for a couple of days now. All my other friends and I are sending each other a lot of text messages - where's the baby? have you heard anything? what's going on? do you know anything yet? where's the baby?

We only send these messages to other people who are in the wrong city or state to know what's up. This is because we don't want to bother and annoy the people who are actually doing helpful things or who are in labor. But none of us are very patient people, so we can't just calmly and confidently wait for actual information. Instead we all have to frenetically ask all of the wrong people what is happening, every 47 minutes, and then reply to each other that I don't know! I haven't heard anything! No new news! I'll let you know as soon as I hear!

Okay, recess is over.

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