05 April 2006

moving on to more important things:

by Cecily

That's right. It's almost my birthday! Last year the theme of my birthday party was "Tequila and Fancy Walkin"

This year, it is Science.

I went to AxMan when I was in Minnesota and bought a lot of science garb. And supplies. Including Anatomy Frog! My friend Kate works there and she secretly gave me free Science for my early birthday present. Thanks Kate!

The rest of my trip to Minnesota was swell. I saw lots of people I like, and only one person I don't like. And I didn't talk to her.

Now my nose is back to the grindstone and it is going to have to stay there for 2 solid weeks if I want to be able to attend my own birthday party. Wish me luck with that, although knowing my superhuman powers of concentration and my congenital inability to procrastinate, I probably won't even NEED any luck.

Ha! Ha!

Tell me if you need an invitation to my party, I'll give you directions.

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