26 April 2006

too much, too early, too soon

by Cecily
I am in the middle of trying to do 800 things at once, so I don't even have time to brush my hair, much less say interesting things to the internet. It's the end of school, and I have tests to take and projects to write.

Also I am going to Rwanda this summer, and I am trying to work out a research project there and am coming up against a lot of unpredicted, last-minute hurdles.

AND, because my time management skills are so awesome, I also agreed to hang an art show in a coffee shop for the month of May. It goes up Friday the 5th. And I need to make some paintings for it.

So wish me luck with getting any of these things done in any kind of functional manner...

Anyway, if you are in the Washington DC vicinity, you should come to my art show. It will be at Sparky's, which is on 14th NW between R and S. Paintings will be up all month, in the back room. On the 5th there will be some kind of opening hoopla with wine and beer and snacks. I don't know what time because I am too disorganized for that.

I mean, too artistic to be tied down by artificial constructs like "time."

I assume it will be around 7 or 8. That's when I'll be there anyway. Come see me!

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