01 January 2007


by Cecily
invitation to the Good v. Evil party

We're having a party over here on Saturday.

As usual I've been spending all of my time daydreaming about thematic party foods and beverages, and planning my outfit, and playing with the cat, instead of doing all my work. Work is for sissies. I'll start doing work tomorrow.

My cat is very glad to see me. Especially because I accidentally spilled catnip all over the room while I was trying to make something. But I think she was glad to see me before that happened, too. And I am glad to see her, and to be able to lie around in my pajamas drinking coffee and staring out the windows all the time. And not have to put anything into or take anything out of a suitcase. I am never travelling anywhere again, I mean it. To prove that I mean business, I didn't leave my house at all today. I probably will have to leave the house tomorrow, but I think by then my point will have been made.

If you have any ideas about Good and Evil (as they relate to my party) please tell me right away!

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