23 January 2007


by Cecily
There is a site meter on this website. It tells me (and you, if you care) how many people look at the website and where they live.

Bonjour, French people! Helloooo, somebody at the House of Representatives!

And it also tells us if somebody did a google search for something and then arrived at this website as a result of that. And it tells us what the google search was for.

Here are examples of google searches that people did, with the result that they ended up here:

-drinking beer back hurts
-interpreter for ASL
-marker fumes
-cecily whitworth
-video show of teaching how to do mutter paneer
-Tourists comments on Akagera
-half gallon growler, Montana
-picture of a thirty-ought-six rifle
-joke handshake
-britney dance concepts toledo
-pictures of authentic cowboy costumes

And last, but certainly far from least:

-PEPFAR, Britney

The awesomest part about that is that my name isn't even the top result! There are pages and pages of websites that (apparently) discuss PEPFAR and Britney!

America is a great nation.

UPDATE: A new google search! "morpheme martini"! This one is probably going to be the inspiration for a cocktail party of some sort. Some heavily linguistic sort.

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  1. Ohhh....a morpheme martini. I want one!! Figure out how to make one and then definitely have a party. And invite me, of course.