07 January 2007

good v evil

by Cecily
The party was a huge success. I do not have any pictures. Except this one, which did not occur at the party but was printed out and used as a decoration/visual aid:these are two of my brothers in their actual prom outfits
Of course these fine lads are not actually good OR evil, but more of a standard mix of high-school-boyness. Snakes and snails, etc. The white and black suits were too good of a thematic match for me to pass up though. Don't worry Matt. I don't think you're COMPLETELY evil.

Other good/evil pairs:

Rocky and Bullwinkle/Boris and Natasha
Wesley Autrey/Karl Rove
Abe Lincoln/Ghengis Khan
T. Rex/miniature poodle
Luggage/that Dodgers guy with the steroids (I don't know!)
Coretta Scott King/Republicans

There was collage-making and costume-wearing and food-eating and drink-drinking. And Boggle. And lots of beer (good and bad) and Devil's Food Cake and Angel Food Cake.

Plus more delicious treats. An excellent time was had by all.

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