08 May 2006

All right, then.

by Cecily
I'm done with everything I have to do. For at least 2 weeks. This morning I finished my IRB proposal, had a professor look it over, took it to the IRB office, went to the bank, and bought groceries. Including more soy ice cream.* So now I probably won't leave the house again for 3 more days, because I am only halfway through the second season of West Wing.

If anyone wants to come over and eat soy ice cream* and watch the West Wing with me, let me know!

Also, several people have inquired about the status of the angry protest at Gallaudet. Well, it's still happening. And I still am not making any public comments about it. Elisa and Adam and Ridor and Jesse and Ben all have opinions, for those of you who are interested. And you can watch quicktime movies about it here.

*No, I didn't stop drinking milk. But my roommate Alyssa is vegan, so we had some soy ice cream that magically is the best ice cream ever. I'm serious. I bought more of it even when I had the chance to buy real, dairy-product, lactose-full ice cream. This kind of fake ice cream is called ... I can't remember. Something about Decadent and Mint and Chunky (?) and perhaps Madness. It includes mint, chocolate, and some kind of cake-like substance, all mixed together, and it doesn't even taste like gross Vegan dessert. It tastes like DELICIOUS!!!!

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