16 May 2006

I'm still a travelling man

by Cecily
When I decided to go to grad school, I was living in Minnesota and my school was in Washington DC. So I bought a round trip plane ticket between Minneapolis and Reagan. The return trip, originally, was for December because I figured that whatever happened I would be going somewhere for Christmas. And you have to fly through Minneapolis to get to Montana anyway, so why not stop off and visit my super nice friends on the way?

That's not really the point, though. The point is that since I lived in Minneapolis and MOVED to Washington, via air travel, now all of my plane tickets end up with me being back in the twin cities. Usually at pretty random intervals, because I don't really know what my schedule will be like next week, let alone in a few months.

But again, that's not really my point. I know I just said it was. I lied. The real point is that I will be in Minneapolis this weekend. I had to pick a date to return when I was flying back to school in January. So I randomly picked May 21. I really can't remember what my reasons for that were, or if I had any reasons at all. Knowing me, I probably didn't.

Anyway (yes we are still on the point. The point of me being in Minneapolis.) I made these travel arrangements long before my travel arrangements that involve Africa. So what will end up happening is this: I will be in the twin cities May 21st through the 31st. Do you live in Minneapolis?!? Or in St. Paul?!? Let's have lunch!!!

Then I'll be back in DC until June 8th when I leave for Rwanda. I get back from Rwanda on July 23rd, but my return ticket to Minneapolis isn't until December. Which leaves me in DC for 3 weeks until the subletters vacate my bedroom. (Don't be thrown off by how I stuck that "December" part in there. It's really not relevant. The subletters leave in August.)

So I guess I have another point: If you live in DC and you desperately need a houseguest from July 23-August 15, you are in luck! Call me!

To recap:
Point Number 1: I will be in Minnesota starting on Sunday. Hang out with me.
Point Number 2: I need a place to stay in DC at the end of July. Invite me over.

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