31 May 2006

Washington is hot!

by Cecily
I'm back in our nation's fine capital. It's pretty hot here too, but I am out of luck because I already watched all of 6 Feet Under.

And it is damp. It's not the heat, it's the humidity! If anyone else tells me that, I am going to dump a glass of water over their head. That will teach them a lesson about humidity. I'm not completely sure what the lesson is, but people will probably let me know after they learn it.

Anyway, what with my incredibly high capacity for enduring weather and not complaining, it's a good thing I'm planning to spend six weeks on the equator.

It's also a good thing I keep moving to places with even worse summers than the last place I lived. It's not very clear to me why I keep doing that. Honestly I have very little idea how I ended up living in any of these cities I have lived in.

In fact, it's pretty unclear to me why I do most of the things I do. It seems pretty unclear to other people, as well. (Why I do things, not why the other people do things.) So we are all in the same boat, of appreciating how mysterious and misunderstood I am. "Cecily why did you put the scissors in the refrigerator?" "I don't know! But did you notice how mysterious I am?"

All this heat and humidity is taking a toll on my mysteriousness, though. It is pretty obvious to everyone, even me, why I am running my head under the cold faucet and lying around listlessly, complaining about being hot.*

So, I'm going to go back to doing that some more.

*Because it is hot, that's why.

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