03 June 2006

Yeah, nobody else thought I could do it, either.

by Cecily
This is what it looked like if you stood in the upstairs hallway at my house, at 10:00 this morning:
messy room from the doorway

Then this is what it looked like if you stepped into my bedroom.

very messy bedroom

It was not for the faint of heart.

I spent some parts of the day moving some art around (thanks Ben!) and then the rest of the day picking things up and putting them down in more appropriate spots. And washing them off. And washing off the dusty place where they were before. And vacuuming. And crying.

Well, I didn't really cry. But I felt like it, because I really hate cleaning up after myself. Or after anyone else, but I never do that, so it doesn't really pertain.

Luckily, at the end, it was worth all of my toil and trouble. Because look at this sparkling clean room!!!!

clean room from the doorway

I was done at 7:30. It practically gets even cleaner as you walk in the doorway:

cleaned up bedroom

I hope I don't mess it all up again before I leave on Thursday. Knowing me, I probably will.

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