10 June 2006

Hello again!

by Cecily
We arrived safely, although not very coherent. We were in airports and on airplanes for 24 hours straight. Then we amazingly stayed up all day yesterday too. Until almost 9:00!

So far I haven't done anything except get a massage and drink coffee. And watch 6 Feet Under. So my life is pretty hard, as usual.

I will do something exciting soon, and then I will tell you all about it.


  1. a massage, coffee AND 6 Feet Under? those are some tough times!

  2. Hi Cecily,

    I'm happy you two arrived safe and sort of sound. Tom and I are looking forward to seeing pictures when you get them posted. Have a blast.


  3. Oh yeah sounds very African! Way to live the experience... :)

  4. I know. It's pretty embarrassing. Oh, well.