21 June 2006

Bye, Emily

by Cecily
Emily left today, I'm very heartbroken about it. We had a very exciting last couple of hours. Her flight was supposed to leave Kigali at 4:40, via Ethiopian Air. So we were planning to leave at 2. My dad was coming home from work to drive to the airport, because it is sort of far away and I don't know how to get there really.

But suddenly the phone rang and it was my dad who suddenly had to rush to the Embassy for some reason so I had to drive to the airport, where I had never driven before, so my dad rushed home to draw us a map and show us directions first. Because none of the streets have names here and so you have to just look for landmarks and keep in mind generally which hill you are aiming for. We weren't too worried though because we were expecting Sam, the housekeeper, to come over at 2 and he knew where to go so he could come with and direct me.

Then my dad rushed back to his office and Emily and I watched Law & Order, until suddenly the phone rang! And it was my dad! And his Ethiopian colleague had just called Ethiopian Airlines to make sure the flight was on time, and they had changed the schedule! So the flight was an hour earlier than expected! So we had to leave the house right now! Without Sam! And before we saw the end of the Law & Order episode!

So, we did. We got a little bit lost only one time, and we made it to the airport by 2. For a departure time of 3:30. From Kigali to Addis Ababa.

Nobody needs more than 1 hour of check-in time, seriously.

On the way back from the airport, I was all alone and following backwards directions/trying to remember if I recognized things. That was even more exciting. But finally I made it home safely and I spent the rest of the day compressing video and watching more Law & Order.

We also had a really exciting day yesterday but I am too tired to say anything about it now, plus I have to go watch some more Law & Order. You'll have to wait until tomorrow, sorry.

Note to Emily: It turned out that the wife didn't do it. The reporter shot himself to create a media frenzy. So the charges against the soldier were dropped and the soldier was shipped back out and the crazy reporter guy followed him because no one could prove anything against him, even though Jack and Selena totally knew what was going on.

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