24 June 2006


by Cecily
Now that Emily's gone, all I do is hang out with a bunch of wealthy expats. The "international" crowd is kind of weird. Last night I had dinner at the American Club. Some of you may remember this club as the one with the sign that said "No rude or obnoxious behavior will be tolerated."

sign at the American Club

They've taken that sign down but it's still the same place. Friday is Movie Night. The Marines show a different movie each week and dinner is served and the Marines run the bar which raises money for them to have a Marine Ball.

Because heaven forbid the Marines raise money for any of the people who live on less than a dollar a day, all over this country. You know that bumper sticker about schools getting all the money they need and the army having a bake sale? Well, this is sort of similar I guess. Except instead of "a bake sale" they are having "a bar" and instead of the schools getting all the money they need, the schools still aren't getting any money. Bake sales for everyone!


To get into the American Club you have to either be a member or pay 1,000 Frw. That is a little less than 2 USD. Last night the issue was raised about whether or not I might be able to get a one-month membership. I didn't really care except that I really want a membership ID. Come on! It is a laminated card identifying me as a bona fide member of the Kigali, Rwanda AMERICAN CLUB! CLUB AMERICA! Woot.

After that, I drove around in the dark, BY MY SELF, to go to a hotel out by the airport. I was meeting a bunch of Canadians we met at the gorilla park. They are not wealthy expats, they are non-profit workers running a program for kids in Tanzania. We watched the France v Togo game on a movie screen and drank beer. It was very fun.

Now, today, I am going to play bridge with The American Ambassador. Then we are going to some Greek restaurant with some other bunch of people.

So as you can see I am extremely busy and important and well-connected. Meanwhile, Emily is enjoying her weekend of jet-lag in Minnesota and not playing ANY card games with ANY ambassadors. Sucks to be you, Emily!

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