17 June 2006


by Cecily
The mosquito net over my bed doesn't really fit the bed. I think the net is for a twin and the bed is double, or something. Maybe it's just a small net. Regardless, it doesn't cover the whole bed. I have it draped over the headboard and the right side of the bed, and then just sort of lying on top of the blankets down my left side and across at around my knees. It's functional, no mosquitos can get in, and I don't REALLY need the whole bed to sleep in.

Except I am the wildest sleeper ever. I thrash and roll and steal covers and elbow people in the face. When I was about 10 I somehow managed to jostle my mattress partway off of the wooden platform it was on, and then when I rolled over onto the unsupported part we all flipped onto the floor together. I woke up landing with a tangle of blankets and a mattress on top of me. It was very disorienting.

I haven't done that lately, probably because my mattresses haven't been on platforms since. But I still sleep furiously. I wake up diagonally or horizontally or occasionally upside down. Blankets and pillows and sheets always end up on the floor, and/or twisted around different parts of my body in interesting and uncomfortable ways. Sometimes the pillowcases come off of the pillows. It's very dramatic.

So, pairing me up with a big bed and a small mosquito net is asking for trouble.

And getting it. I haven't pulled the net out of the ceiling yet, but I do usually wake up with it wrapped around me in some complicated manner. I'm not sure the net is going to prevent me from being mosquito-bitten if it is skintight. I think the mosquitos's probusci (??) can fit through those holes.

Also, while I am used to having sheets and blankets wrapped around me when I wake up, I am not used to having them be attached to the ceiling. When I roll over into part of the net that is under me, it's like rolling into a soccer goal net. (Yeah! Ghana!) And then when I try to roll back the other way, everything just gets worse, and I become upset and confused and I would like to go back to sleep, but I can't because now I am halfway suspended from the ceiling and the circulation is being cut off from my arms and legs.

Oh, Cecily. Stop exaggerating all the time.

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