11 May 2006

Tent City

by Cecily
tent city

Julie and Jenny and I are making a website about the people who live in the tents at Gallaudet. Well, really Julie is making it. I only provided the fancy pictures of tents (look at those colorful tents!)

My contribution to this protest has mostly been artisticity. What, it's TOTALLY a word. Anyway I made some posters last night too, after I made all those tents for the website. It was fun although by the end of the session you could practically see the marker fumes. It was hazardous to my health. That's what I'm willing to do for the revolution: breathe marker fumes.


  1. hey.. i just learned cold meds n booze dont mix. was i even cohorent at all during the ride to ur home? :)

  2. btw u drew those tents from scratch? or just did some coloring with e-crayons?

  3. You were coherent. In a sort of random but very entertaining way.

    I have a tablet and stylus for my computer. So it's halfway between scratch and e-coloring.

  4. nice tents, it was good to learn about the situation last night...

    i got this link today in an email, i thought you may want to check it out, as linguistic folk - service.spiegel.de/cache/international/spiegel/0,1518,414291,00.html

    also, you need to teach me some html, i can't do shat...