23 May 2006


by Cecily
I'm in Minnesota. It's pretty great here. So far I drank beer with Emily at the Tap, and drank coffee with Trisha at Coffee News, and ate ice cream with JoAnna in the back yard. So it has been a pretty productive trip.

Firstly, I have some pictures of a baby to show everyone:

close-up of sleeping Espen

Introducing: Espen Groth! He doesn't do very much but it is still pretty fun to stare at him. Plus his head smells good.

sleeping baby

This baby is three weeks old. It is nice to have his little fat body sleeping on me.

Cecily and Espen sleeping on the couch

Secondly, I would like everyone to take a moment to admire my excellent outfit that I am wearing while I drink coffee and type things on the internet. Its name is Fancy Pajamas, and it is made of:

#1 Frog Pajama Shirt (this is Trisha's, I stole it because I was cold)
close-up of frog pajamas

And #2 Cowboy Pajama Pants (mine, of course)
close-up of cowboy pajamas

Combining to make this flashy fashion statement:
taking a picture of the pajama outfit

Next, I am going to sit on the steps and paint my toenails. What a great day!

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