29 May 2008

bye now

by Cecily
Everyone I know is moving across the earth!

Lindsay: headed to Australia on some kind of fancy PhD fellowship craziness. For FOUR YEARS!

My mama and stepdaddy: China! What?

And while it is less dramatic, since they sold my childhood home and moved overseas forEVER ago, still:

Daddy and stepmama: Bangladesh! (probably).

Good grief.


We're racing against the clock to put up another video before we get on a plane and are en route back to Constitution City.

See you around, Rwanda!


  1. Hey Cecly this new world. you are in freindship only for couple days or couple months, rare in couple years after that period, the situation separate you with worth friend!! It sad, but you have to live it, you don't have shose!! don't worry, the Internet will make in deep connection with your worth friend, you will be aware of what is going on with friend... and you will never be lone (just be optimist)you will gate always the friend to accompany you... That is my experience....

    all the best wish

  2. You are very right, Sraith. And I'm glad I have the internet to keep track of you! Keep me updated about Thailand and wherever else you go!