16 May 2008

Will you be having pig or cow tonight with your Fanta?

by Lindsay Ferrara
It seems my friends that another Friday is upon us..which means another dinner party!! Woop woop! Sam has been cooking dead animals alllllll day (Sam: So Lindsay, if the people do not like pig then they can eat cow. Lindsay: okay, that sounds good Sam.), and we have a lot of beer and Fanta to hold us through the night. It should just be downright lovely. (oh- I made brownies ALL BY MYSELF.)

oh yeah! we did research today. However, someone forgot to mention that on Fridays everybody gets done early. So, after only an hour at the school all the kids and the teachers were making their way toward the door. Oops. This happened also to be the one day that we did not have a car. So we waited with some of the kids until someone picked us up. They were all very worried about the idea that we might be walking home. Or that we lost our car. And they were very very concerned that we did not have a cell phone. (I later found out, anyone who is anyone in Rwanda has a cell phone. Including, apparently, most of the deaf kids. Eh.)

It was fun. Yay for research! Yay for dinner parties!

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