14 May 2008

ready set GO!

by Cecily
Lindsay and I are racing to see who finishes a blog post first. I should totally win because she is uploading a photograph and I am not. Except I keep getting distracted by emailing people and stretching and looking at facebook. I am the hare in this race and she is the tortoise.

We made and edited and captioned a VLOG yesterday but we're having some trouble getting it live. My attempts to upload to youtube kept failing (I think because it was a thunderstorm maybe). Then I put it on google video which worked, sort of, except it has said it is "processing" for like 10 hours now. I have never really uploaded any vlog before so I can't tell if this is normal or not. Should I try it again? Should I recompress the movie in a different whatever-it's-called? (um. I should know this word. ooh CODEC!) Is there a better program or website for uploading videos on a really slow African connection? People who know answers to these questions should share the wealth please.

Today was a fun research day. We had 6b: the second half of the sixth form. That means 15 year olds. They were awesome and told us a lot of ridiculous stories. Then we all watched the recordings we had just made on triple speed and laughed our heads off.

Then it started raining again, all sudden storm like. At the beginning of the drive home, all the people outside were running to get somewhere before it turned serious, and by the end of the drive home the streets were deserted. I've never seen so few people in the road. Lindsay suggested that maybe we should always drive in the rain, to make sure we avoid pedestrians. I said no because where's the fun in that? I suggested that she steer while I held the camera but she told me no. What a killjoy.

Ha! I win! See guys, never trust what you read in a book. Slow and steady got CREAMED by inconsistent and disorganized.

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  1. Yay for inconsistent and disorganized! Sounds like you guys are having a great trip. Keep up the posting, I love reading about it.