13 May 2008

this blog always gets an A++

by Lindsay Ferrara
okay- so we made a vlog about dogs. say that three times fast-- hah, for fun say it four! BUT, it is taking a very very long time to upload. (it is raining after all) So, y'all'll just have to wait. sheesh.

Today cecily and I bought beer, videotaped children, drank beer, made a vlog about drinking beer (although what you will see is mostly about dogs), and are now watching the hilarious comedy 'napoleon dynamite.' We just got to the part where Napoleon has a date and now he's shopping for an outfit. "That suit-- it's incredible." You know where we're talking about.

It's been a hard and trying day.

hopefully tomorrow if the technology gods are smiling upon us (and you know how much they smile at me) the vlog will be READY FOR BUSINESS!



(note from Cecily: Lindsay wrote "a+" and I laughed and said it would be funnier if she gave herself a B+ instead. Then she explained to me that "a+" is trendy French slang. And also PHONOLOGY. It stands for " à plus" and that means "see ya later" if you're French.)


  1. A- que A+ veuille signifier 1 bonne note, dan qL ca tu pourai metr b+


  2. nous ne comprenons pas. Est-ce que t'es bourre?

  3. c'etait cecily, pas moi!!

  4. where's the vlog already! we've been waiting all day!

  5. it's PROCESSING, Lindsay. Go study some orphans!