15 May 2008

grog vlog

by Cecily
In reality, this post is not about grog. It is about beer.

Sam took us to buy more beer the other day. Because as it turns out, we drink a lot of beer. We went to the place I told you about before to buy it. And it was another exciting adventure.



  1. Banana beer might be 25% alcohol, but it is 100% yucky.

    ...and you could ask someone who actually liked bananas and they would say the same thing.

  2. yeah that's what we've been hearing. But we are determined to try it anyway. Stay tuned for Grog Vlog Deux.

  3. eh-- i can only hope there are worse things in this world than banana beer. Naato comes to mind, but let's not talk about that. and maybe we could add sugar or some of that juicy syrup we've been drinking?....

  4. and cec, captioning for this vlog (funny by the way)'s better than the dog one (also very funny by the way). what did you do different?

  5. well, the main difference is that Lindsay did this one all by herself.

    Sort of.

    but we put the box with a full black background at the bottom instead of fading to gray. Which we couldn't do with the other one because of a complicated thing I did by accident where we had three text files all overlapping so if I used 0% transparency you couldn't see all the words. Then I was too lazy to figure out how to fix it.

    The End!