24 May 2008

wrap it up

by Cecily
Dear internet,

Well, we're almost done here. Time flies when you're sitting around on the balcony all day drinking drinks and staring at birds.

Our schedule until we leave is very full and demanding. Here let me tell you all about it!

Today we are reading books and drinking coffee. Then we will go souvenir gift shopping (list: masks. coffee. banana beer. Who wants what!? Email us!) This evening Lindsay will go run around with those crazy Hashers some more, and I will sit around in a bar and read some more. And then we will all sit around and enjoy some Mutzig.

Tomorrow. Well, to be honest, I don't exactly understand what the plan for tomorrow is, but it seems to involve driving somewhere and looking at some kind of wildlife and swimming in a lake.

We have one day left of data collection: Monday. So we have to make one more batch of booklets and do one more batch of booklet photography and one more drawing and filming session at the school.

We have Tuesday off (La Directrice: Je vous le donne, 'I give it to you' Us: um... oh! Oui! Merci! okay bye!). Wednesday is another Fanta Party. And Thursday we're out of here! Fin!

Then next I'm going to Minnesota. Africa isn't exciting enough for me; I need a vacation with some Midwestern rock stars. Get ready, Minnesotans!

Yours truly,

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