12 May 2008

day one

by Cecily
Nancy came home for lunch and then Lindsay and I took the car and dropped her off at work and then headed over to the school. Lindsay was excited to be driving around with me and she thought I did a really excellent job of driving and that it was not at all scary or threatening.

We were planning to spend a few hours at school. We didn't really know what we would be doing for those hours because nobody has been answering my emails lately. But we thought maybe discuss scheduling? And maybe start filming? We were prepared for anything.

Except we couldn't get in. We pulled up to the gate and honked, which is the standard way to announce your presence at a gate around here. Usually when I do that somebody opens up right away. Today, not so much.

So we waited a few minutes, and waved at the people who had gathered around the car to stare at us and yell "mzungu mzungu mzungu". and then we honked again. And still nothing happened.

Lindsay got out to peek through the bars and look for signs of inhabitants. She couldn't see any. We decided to go home and try again later.

Luckily, the "later" plan worked out well. We got let in and hung out with the directrice and agreed on a schedule and were paraded around to all of the classrooms. All the children hugged us a lot and spelled their names at us a lot and asked me where Emily was and told each other that Emily didn't come this time.

Those kids really love Emily!

The actual project starts tomorrow.

nuns and children playing outside

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  1. wow, that lindsay didn't find your driving scary says a lot!

    are you working on her australian decision? i've got the professors coming to me and discussing the situation. i don't think they don't know how little influence i've got!

    keep the posts coming, i'm reading them all!

    miss you love you drink beer!