28 May 2008

hold steady please!

by Cecily
Today we accomplished many things. One of those things was not a vlog post. Or even a blog post. We are very sorry.

Instead we bought a lot of Fanta, and bought some banana beer, and bought coffee and maracuja juice and vegetables and milk, and picked up a box of flip-flops, and had lunch at the Embassy, and looked at offices in the Embassy, and admired the new building and many t-shirts of the Embassy.

Then we took the flip-flops and the Fanta to IFS and handed them all out, and handed out t-shirts and photographs and talked to many, many, many children.

Then we sat on the balcony and drank beer and complained about things.

Then we went out for a very delicious Indian dinner with my parents and Lindsay's running buddy Sraith, where we ate too much food and talked about how to start a fiscally rewarding cult without going to hell.

Tomorrow we don't have anything to do except pack and get on an airplane, so maybe you will get a better blog entry then. Don't hold your breath though, because I am notoriously unreliable and Lindsay is already a member of my new cult.


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