05 May 2005

captions and description for "Prague Vlog"

by Cecily
Kyle signing; video is in ASL and includes some pictures which I haven't described yet. Soon! Or Later!

Caption text:

Hello! Welcome to the Prague Vlog.
See that? (picture of cathedral)
That's St. Vitus Cathedral.
It's really big.
The church is located in Prague Castle
and I got to look around and take some pictures. Let me show them to you.
So I bet you're wondering why I'm vlogging here.
Well, when my friends Lindsay and Cecily were in Africa recently
they produced a number of similar vlogs.
There was the frog vlog, the dog vlog - quite a few.
Just the same, I'm vlogging about Prague.
The last two days I've spent here have been quite enjoyable.
Taking in the sights, it hit me that Prague is a really nice city.
Last night, I met up with a friend for some drinks - beer especially
"pivo" is the Czech word for beer
- but it was great to hang out and observe Czech culture.
What's more, my hostel has a number of English speakers,
so we've had some nice conversations.
There are folks from Australia, New Zealand, Britain, and Ireland
- a good variety of places -
even some from America... actually, no, I'm the only one.
Anyway, I'm off to continue my sightseeing - I'll show you more later on.

(title: "Later on")

OK, so Tomas just ate a really hot pizza
from... well, it says "Mexican hell."
We think it's funny that his face has gone red
and he can't eat it.
So I thought I'd talk about that.
(picture of Tomas)

So, here I am at the conclusion of the Prague Vlog.
Let me explain what happened last night when I went to visit Tomas's university.
So of course we enjoyed some beer,
but we also tried a special Czech spirit called Becherovka.
(pulls bottle out of bag)
I bought it at the store for pretty cheap -
I think it was less than 10 dollars

It tastes a little like gingerbread,
and though some say it's like Jaegermeister, I disagree.
Really, Becherovka is better - it's smoother and sips well.
Last night while hanging out there were some students -
two guys in particular - that didn't know English.
What they did know wasn't great,
and while my friend helped with translation,
it was nice to get to listen to a lot of Czech last night.
After that, I came home and went to bed...
This morning, I went to Vyšehrad
which is another castle that Lindsay recommended I visit.
From there, you get some nice views of the south part of the city:
views of the river, and up the mountain to the other castle as well -
I took some pictures of that.

I think that's just about it. I've seen a lot of things here,
and though Prague is a nice city, I'm ready to get back to Paris,
and finally take a look around there.

So that's the end of this, the Prague Vlog.
My name is Kyle, Special Guest to Especially Messily,
Cecily's vlog, and I'm adding to her African... er... vlog.
Thanks for having me in. Perhaps I'll see you again soon. Ciao!


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