05 May 2005

description/captions for dog vlog

by Cecily
(Cecily and Lindsay sit on the balcony drinking beer)

Cecily: the downstairs neighbor has a dog named Riley
Lindsay: maybe he wants to come hang out with us. He's CRAZY
Cecily: who I guess was adopted from the street? but he doesn't seem
Lindsay: no, I think from downtown
Cecily: right, but he doesn't seem like a stray dog. I mean he likes playing with people
Lindsay: yeah he's a little bit ADD though
Cecily: anyway he's always barking
Lindsay: he's sweet
Cecily: because the neighbor who owns him is gone
Lindsay: I think he's lonely
Cecily: for some long time
Lindsay: and the dog who lives here won't play with him
Cecily: yeah, my parents' dog is not a real dog

(Cecily and Lindsay call to the dog Oscar who is off camera)

Cecily: Oscar!
Lindsay: viens-toi!

(they address the camera again)

Lindsay: he does't pay attention very much either
Cecily: he likes to sit like this (leaning on one elbow, looking glum) all day.

(Lindsay stands up and reaches for the camera)

(break in film)

(Lindsay is alone on the balcony addressing the camera)

Lindsay: are we filming now? so... what we just figured out is that we were filming, right, and then I got up to show you Oscar, Cecily's parents' dog, who is sitting right over there
and when I picked up the camera it stopped filming. I don't know why. I think the camera's oversensitive. And many of you are familiar with my skills related to technology. Fine, I admit that. Anyway the last half of our vlog was not actually recorded on video. So Cecily's getting more beer now, because she has to put up with me all the time.

(Cecily sits down and hands Lindsay a glass of beer)

Lindsay: I hope that didn't happen today with our data, I was filming a lot of
the time

(Cecily makes a face. Lindsay hugs Cecily. They both laugh)

Cecily: you wanna try filming the dog again?
Lindsay: yeah let's try again

Lindsay: oh hey, but it's fine though because he's still sitting in the same

Cecily: he hasn't moved

(small, fat, black Cocker-Poodle mix is sitting on an overstuffed chair)

(in English, voiceover)

Lindsay: Oscar!
Cecily: Hello!
Lindsay: (whistles) you're looking the wrong way.
Cecily: Oscar!!
Lindsay: this way. say 'hi.' But not over there!
Cecily: he only cares about Nancy.
Lindsay: well.

(Cecily and Lindsay on the balcony again)
(in ASL)

Lindsay: so, it's very beautiful. You should film over there for them
Cecily: okay
Lindsay: you're lucky

(shots of Kigali from the balcony)

Lindsay: that area that you just saw, I ran there with her dad last weekend. It was really fun
Cecily: not YOUR dad. MY dad. that was a Real Space Blend. Because I was standing over there before.
Lindsay: FYI
Cecily: okay now I really feel like that's enough for today
Cecily: see you later
Lindsay: bye

(video over the balcony of the neighbor dog rolling around on the lawn)
(voiceover, English)

Cecily: hi Riley.


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