05 May 2005

description for "A short story..."

by Cecily
Six photographs of me with text superimposed.

1. I am looking at a book with my hand very thoughtfully on my chin. Text: "Cecily pretends"
2. I am making a despondent face and slouching. Text: "Cecily feels"
3. I am leaning over a computer and a book with a pen in my hand, as though writing. But there is no paper and the pen is a pink marker. Text: "Cecily pretends"
4. I am posed with my hands on the keyboard as though typing. Text: "Cecily pretends"
5. I am squinting in a pained manner and pushing my hair back over my forehead. Text: "Cecily feels"
6. I am lying in bed with my eyes closed and my glasses in my hand. Text: "Cecily wants"


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